Arcserve UDP Workstation Edition

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Product Description

The Arcserve UDP Workstation is designed to provide a fast, simple and reliable way to protect and recover critical business information stored on desktop and laptop computers. It’s a light-weight solution for tracking changes at the block level and backing up only the changed blocks in an incremental fashion. As a result, the Arcserve UDP Workstation lets you perform frequent backups (as frequently as every 15 minutes), reducing the size of each incremental backup and subsequently, the backup window. Further, it enables users to restore files and folders, volumes and applications, as well as perform bare metal recovery from a single backup. Other key features include:
• Centralized monitoring and management for easy deployment
• Block level, infinite incremental (I2 technology) for faster backups and recovery
• Global source-side deduplication for more efficient use of storage and network resources
• Arcserve® Cloud and Public Cloud support for disaster protection
• Hardware independent bare metal recovery
• Encryption of data in flight and at rest – because data security is critical


The Arcserve UDP Workstation is based on a modern unified architecture for cloud, virtual and physical environments. Its unmatched ease of use and unique Assured Recovery® capabilities set it apart from other data protection solutions.

Not only can desktops and laptops be protected with award-winning technology that minimizes bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 95%, but users can leverage the Arcserve Cloud, or public and private clouds, for seamless disaster recovery and long-term retention.